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This documentary explains communist secret service operations. Departing every 20 minutes 30 minutes at the weekendthen bus N o to Memento Park stop. Travel time: 25 minutes. Travel time: 10 minutes. Times: daily am; March-October pm and 1. For more informations on page This sightseeing with professional guide is for free with the Budapest Card.

More info on page More than discounts We have filled the Budapest Card with a wide range of multi slim lo trovo a farmaciában services and attractions you need to experience the real Budapest Adventures: from thermal baths to caves, from folklore programs to museum visits, from nice dinners to quick cafés, shopping and sightseeing tours, this tourist card contains all so you can get the most out of your stay in Budapest!

Free for accompanying child The Budapest Card and its discounts apply for one adult and one child up to the age of No need to purchase a separate card for the child, it is ideal for families to visit the whole city! The most convenient way of discovering Budapest Once you filled in and signed your card, you do not have to worry any more about validating tickets when traveling, you just show it to the controllers or at the cashiers and you get free public transport and the discounted services right away!

In Budapest, though, a ride on the number 2 tram is just such. Circulating all along the Danube bend, from this famous tram line you can admire numerous tourist attractions of Budapest, including the Unesco World Heritage site. There are interesting sights both to the left and right of the tram s progress, but the best place to sit is on the side nearest the River Danube. On the left the former Palace of Justice, now the Museum of Ethnography.

As the tram sets off again, catch a hőguta fogyás of the fascinating Art Nouveau Gresham Hotel on the left.

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Budapest Card discount at: Folk dance show at Duna Palace 13 Tram number 2 11 The pedestrianised embankment known as the Korzó, is a traditional favourite for a gentle promenade.

The former Royal Palace, which dominates the skyline on the Buda side, was never the permanent home of Hungarian royalty, although the Habsburg kings would often stay here. On the right is a succession of floating restaurants and clubs.

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Plus we still have an outstanding view of the Buda panorama. Budapest Card discount at: Legenda sightseeing cruises Alight here for a much-to-berecommended visit to the Central Market Hall. Cross the newly lighted Liberty Bridge for a nice relaxation at the famous Gellért Fogyókúra szimbólum fogyás. Budapest Card discount at: National Museum The liqueur factory on the multi slim lo trovo a farmaciában hand side is a venerable Budapest institution.

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The bridge whose red support columns are now coming into view is the Lágymányosi Bridge. The latter contains a concert hall and theatre, as well as the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art. To celebrate the one thousandth anniversary of the original Hungarian settlement, in celebrations and exhibitions were held all over the country.

To commemorate the date, the underground railway line was constructed under the longest avenue in Budapest Andrássy út. As an electric railway it was unique compared to the steam engines used elsewhere. The most remarkable sights on the Pest side are within easy access of the metro stations. The square connects the Danube Promenade to Váci utca, the most beautiful pedestrian street in Budapest.

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The area is full of pedestrian precincts, cafés, hotels and restaurants. The Millennium Underground Railway Museum is located in the metro station. Stephen s Basilica, bearing the name of the king who established the Hungarian state.

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Budapest Card discount at: Panoramic view from Basilica At this underground station you will find one of the most significant 19th century buildings in the capital, the especially magnificent Opera House combining Baroque and Renaissance features. Budapest Card discount at: Opera building tour The square is named after the corners of the palaces forming an octagon.

The Ferenc Liszt Square is only a multi slim lo trovo a farmaciában steps away, where a large number of restaurants and cafés await tourists wishing to take a rest. Budapest Card discount at: Karma Café, Bohemia Restaurant The most spacious square in Budapest, where you can see the Millennium Monument built in honour of the original Hungarian settlement. Nearby, there is the romantically beautiful Vajdahunyad Castle. Residents of Budapest also call these routes castle buses.

Enjoy the view from the Fishermen s Bastion in the evening hours, from where you can see the beautiful illuminated Budapest. It has excellent acoustics, so evening organ concerts are organised here quite frequently.


From here, the new shopping street, the Fashion Street and Váci Street are just a few steps away. After a comprehensive restoration, the palace functions nowadays as the Four Seasons Hotel with guests from all over the world. Multi slim lo trovo a farmaciában out from the funicular, there is the impressive building of the Sándor palace, the headquarters of the Offices of the President of the Republic and a neo-baroque wrought-iron gate with a sculpture of the Hungarian national bird, the turul.

The name of the square comes from the parades in Hungarian: díszfelvonuláswhich were held by the military command, the headquarters of which were here after Budapest Card discount at: Arany Hordó Restaurant Szentháromság Square is the main square of the Castle District. Budapest Card discount at: Mathias Church From here, the Museum of Military History is just a few steps away, introducing Hungarian military history through displays of collections of several hundred thousands of arms, uniforms, coins, flags and other artefacts.

Budapest Card discount at: Museum of Military History To can be found near the square is the Heart of Jesus Church of Városmajor, an extraordinary piece of Hungarian church architecture and an excellent example of the Bauhaus style, which was characteristic of the period between the two multi slim lo trovo a farmaciában wars.

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The upper part of the bell tower consists of aerial cubicles, which can also be well seen from Moszkva Square. With a valid Budapest Card you can travel without restrictions on all lines of the BKV including trams, trolleybuses, the Millennium Underground Railway, metro lines, the cogwheel railway and buses on the whole length of the linesand suburban railway within the administrative boundaries of Budapest.

In addition to the Millennium Underground Railway there are two underground lines crossing the city in N-S blue line and E-W red line direction.

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The cogwheel railway line, useful information, which can be rarely seen in big cities, operates timetables, fares and in Buda, and takes travellers up to the Széchenyi Hill, where alaska premier fogyás planner: its Gyermekvasút terminus is located.

And even when the city goes to sleep, life goes on. A network of over 30 night bus lines covers the whole city, offering the opportunity of night ihttransportation tti for nearly free for those with a valid card. The easiest way to get to Ferihegy 1 or 2 is to take the M3 underground line at Deák Square, and change to bus number E at Kőbánya-Kispest. BKV Multi slim lo trovo a farmaciában.

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Do not forget to visit our museums! More information in the Museums section. Budapesten, a földalattin kívül még két metróvonal üzemel, melyek a várost É-D-i kék metró és K-Ny-i piros metró irányban szelik át.

Ritkaságszámba megy a nagyvárosokban a fogaskerekű, kű amely Budán Bdá a Séh Széchenyi-hegyre, ih a Gyermekvasút végállomásához kapaszkodik fel. S amikor a város elcsendesedik, akkor sem áll meg az élet: több mint 30 éjszakai autóbuszjárat hálózza be egész Budapestet, melyeken szintén térítésmentesen utazhatnak az érvényes kártyával rendelkezők.

Ferihegy 1-es és 2-es terminált a belvárosból a Deák téren a M3-as metróra felszállva, majd Kőbánya-kispesti végállomáson a E BKV buszra átszállva érhetik el a legegyszerűbben.


Jó utazást kíván a BKV Zrt. Látogasson el múzeumainkba is! Bővebb információ a Múzeumok fejezetnél. Außer der Millenium-U-Bahn existieren noch zwei Metrolinien in Budapest, sie verbinden die Stadt in nördlich-südlicher Richtung blaue Linie und in östlich-westlicher Richtung rote Linie.

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